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Hello, my name is Connie....

I have worked for large companies since I was a teenager. My goal was to some day get out of the corporate hustle and work for myself doing something I like to do by providing a product others would enjoy. In 2006, I came up with a unique gift for a friend who was getting married. The gift was a personalized wine glass holder. I thought this would make a great keepsake of their wedding. I created a special gift basket which included their favorite wine and two glasses. It was a big hit. Since then, I now provide personalized and non personalized two and four glass holders for co-workers and friends. With acquiring the tools to make them myself, I now can actively work on something I love to do knowing that others will enjoy it. The wine holders make great gifts for house warmings, weddings, engagements, special occasions, wine tasting or creates a setting for a romantic moment. They work great for reception tables, New Years parties or for displaying fine wines. Personalization provides a lasting remembrance of any event or occasion.  I have since added new products: coasters, table numbers, table rings, candle holders, signs, and gift baskets.  I hope you love and enjoy my products as much as I do!